COVID-19 Story Tip: Front-line Worker Story — Rick Redett Redeployed from Interim Head of Plastic Surgery to ICU “Trainee”


It seems there will never be enough “thank you’s” for the incredible doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff members who are working around the clock to help patients who have COVID-19, the dangerous coronavirus disease. The dedication, determination and spirit enable Johns Hopkins to deliver the promise of medicine.

Richard Redett, M.D., professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, found himself in an entirely new role when he was redeployed from surgery to an adult intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients. “Oftentimes as a pediatric plastic surgeon, I would work 12 hours and come out of the OR feeling pretty good,” he says. “I’m doing 12-hour shifts in the ICU right now, and I have to say, it’s exhausting.”

Redett is available for interviews.

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