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Snapshots of Support: Fall 2018

Snapshots of Support: Fall 2018

Cardiac Surgery Leaders Honor Bill Baumgartner

Pioneering cardiac surgeon William Baumgartner was honored in June for his 36 years of exceptional service to the Johns Hopkins Medicine community. Many of Johns Hopkins’ past and present leaders in cardiac surgery joined Dr. Baumgartner at his retirement dinner on June 1. The photo shows, from left to right: Robert Higgins, chairman, Department of Surgery; Jennifer Lawton, chief of cardiac surgery; Bill Baumgartner, former chief of cardiac surgery; Vincent Gott, former chief of cardiac surgery; and Bruce Reitz, former chief of cardiac surgery.


Dash 4 Dowd Memorializes Classmate, Supports ARVD/C

A photo shows students who participated in Dash for Dowd.

Students from Holmdel High School in Monmouth County, New Jersey held a 5K fundraiser to honor the memory of their classmate, Jack Dowd, and to support the Johns Hopkins ARVD/C Program. Jack tragically passed away in September 2017 from ARVD. Front row, from left to right: Jess D’Agostino, Shelley Merhav, Jess Kaden and Casey Dowd. Back row, from left to right: Jordan Gilbert, Alec Licato, Arun Movva, Alok Malhotra and Evan Smith.


Board Members and Faculty Convene at the Fall Meeting

A photo shows board and faculty members.

Members of the Cardiovascular Advisory Board and faculty from the Heart and Vascular Institute met on October 5 for their fall meeting. Front row, from left to right: Fritzi Hallock, Loretta Downey and Jennifer Lawton. Second row: Jonathan Myers, John Darvish, Sharon Akers and Michael Brodsky. Third row: Chris Helmrath and Thad Shelly. Fourth row: Ron Berger,  Dick Nielsen and Ed Kasper.


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