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Image of the Month: RReSTORe-ing Vision

Image of the Month: RReSTORe-ing Vision

Once a science fiction fantasy, the ability to restore vision lost to optic neuropathies is now in sight. Here, human stem cell derived RGCs (red) are seen intermingled with endogenous RGCs (green) within a mouse retina, following transplantation.

The RGC Repopulation, Stem Cell Transplantation and Optic Nerve Regeneration (RReSTORe) Consortium, an international collaborative that seeks to advance translational development of vision restoration therapies for optic neuropathy, is actively recruiting investigators to join its growing initiative.

RReSTORe aims to be a transformative international endeavor that will foster opportunities for establishing new scientific collaborations among diverse investigators, including trainees and junior faculty and underrepresented minorities in STEM.

Learn more about this exciting initiative and the opportunity to join the growing roster of over 60 PIs worldwide who have registered to participate here!

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