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Get to Know Norah Wilson

Get to Know Norah Wilson

Ophthalmic Technician Assistant, Float Pool

This past spring, Norah Wilson, ophthalmic technician assistant at Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine and a recent Johns Hopkins University graduate, was a recipient of the Eugene Leake Award. The award, named after the Homewood Art Workshop founder and renowned landscape artist, is presented to graduating seniors for their accomplishments in visual arts. “It felt great,” says a jubilant Wilson of being recognized for her talents. “It was a wonderful way to wrap up my undergraduate career.” Wilson entered the ophthalmology world in January, when she became a member of the float pool. We caught up with Wilson to discuss her artistic style, why she loves being an ophthalmic technician and what’s next for the budding artist.


How long have you been an artist?

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. My mom runs an after-school art program, so I’ve been taking classes with her and at local centers since the beginning of elementary school.

What is your artistic style?

I usually aim for realism. I draw and paint but definitely prefer drawing. My favorite thing to draw is people and faces so usually I try to make my depictions pretty realistic. I also really enjoy installation-style pieces, which take up physical space in more unique ways than a 2D drawing.

Who are your three favorite artists, painters, sculptors?

My three favorite artists are Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural materials to create visual effects (interesting patterns or ombre), and Sandy Skoglund, a sculptor and photographer who creates brightly colored animal sculptures and places them in complementary-colored monochromatic rooms to make them stand out. I also like Kehinde Wiley’s work because of his colorful patterns and his twist on classical images. He paints underrepresented communities in classical positions of power, which hasn’t been done traditionally. So, I like the meaning behind his paintings in addition to all the bright and visually interesting backgrounds.

What is the most interesting thing about being an ophthalmic technician at Wilmer?

Literally everything that I’ve learned about eyes so far. They’re so much more complex than I ever realized, and as someone interested in continuing my medical education, I'm always excited to learn about how the body functions. I also love moving around as a float tech because I can engage with so many different departments. But the best thing about being an ophthalmic technician at Wilmer is getting to interact with so many different patients and hearing their stories.

What are your plans for the future?

I'm currently applying to medical school and, hopefully, will start in fall 2023.

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