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Change of Attire

Change of Attire

It’s time for the president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital to switch from a business suit to a white coat.

For more than a decade, the leadership of The Johns Hopkins Hospital focused intensely on the physical redevelopment of our academic medical center while building infrastructure to support patient safety and quality and developing robust clinical information systems.

It is now incumbent on the next generation of leadership to leverage those facilities, infrastructure and IT systems to improve the patient experience and quality of patient care, enhance value through care delivery redesign, and ultimately achieve much-needed performance improvement.

We now require a savvy leader with a strong clinical background—that white coat—as well as good business sense. That’s why I am so delighted that Redonda Miller, an exceptional physician who also has a master’s degree in business administration, was chosen to be my successor as president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. She assumed that role on July 1. 

Her challenges are many:

  • What can The Johns Hopkins Hospital do to advance population health and redesign patient care to reduce costly hospitalizations and preventable hospital readmissions?
  • How can The Johns Hopkins Hospital foster creation of multidisciplinary precision medicine centers of excellence?
  • How can we use personnel in smarter ways and leverage technology to do more than we do today with greater efficiency and at a lower cost?
  • How do we enhance the collaboration among our six hospitals, our outpatient centers and our other care-providing groups?

Our society—as well as government and private insurers—demands that we do things more cost-effectively. We’re beyond the point where “the suits”—my type—can easily direct that change within the academic medical center. A 1992 graduate of the school of medicine, Dr. Miller has spent more than 20 years here demonstrating exemplary medical prowess, accumulating considerable administrative experience, and developing a sterling reputation among her clinical and administrative colleagues. Her accomplishments augur well for her future as an inspiring, high-energy and effective leader.

The “cultural fit” of her appointment is also as perfect as that of her white coat. She embraces the Johns Hopkins Hospital spirit. And she already knows the right people to call to get things done.

As announced, I remain president of the Johns Hopkins Health System and executive vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine. I look forward to working with Dr. Miller and helping her however I can. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from her too.

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