Emma Fox, R.N., Receives the DAISY Award

Emma Fox, R.N.
Published in Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital - Spring 2023

Emma Fox, R.N., in Pediatric Medicine, is the DAISY Award recipient. She was nominated for this honor by a parent who wrote: 

“Our three-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia. While all of the nurses at the hospital have been great, there was something special about Emma – she went above and beyond. When a nurse or physician walked into the room, our son quickly made the connection that medicine was going to be administered and vitals were going to be taken. Emma interacted and engaged with him in a way that made our son excited to see her. She brought him prizes and, on her downtime, would visit us just to play, color and draw. She even decorated the room with his drawings in the spots where he wanted them displayed. Emma really took the time to learn about our son. She is exemplary.”

Emma’s manager added:

“Emma is such a positive ray of sunshine and has been a patient advocate since the first day she stepped on the unit. She has received multiple DAISY Award nominations and compliments from patients and families for her calm demeanor, care and compassion. No matter what the ask, Emma is always willing to go above and beyond. As a team player, we often see her going around the unit asking peers if they need help. She cares for her patients with such ease, has been a great addition to our Pediatric Medicine family and a true asset to the nursing profession. Well-deserved, Emma – I am so proud of you!”

Congratulations, Emma, and thank you for your commitment to patient- and family-centered care.