Published in Hopkins Medicine - Spring/Summer 2023

The number of Johns Hopkins Ph.D. students across the university’s Ph.D. programs who will now be represented by TRU-UE (Teachers and Researchers United—United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America) in collective bargaining with the university.

The vote to unionize, held by the National Labor Relations Board, took place in February at three Johns Hopkins campuses, with 2,053 students voting in favor of unionization and 67 voting against.

The unionization of Hopkins Ph.D. students is part of a growing national trend. Graduate students at Yale voted to unionize earlier this year, joining successful recent unionization efforts at Columbia, Harvard, Georgetown and many other universities. 

Addressing a Critical Population

"The AMA has been devoting a lot of attention to the opioid epidemic, and some attention to incarcerated populations, but the issue of pregnant incarcerated people with opioid use disorder has not really crossed its radar. It was very gratifying for them to take an interest and recognize the critical issues that this population faces.”

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A Guggenheim for Greene

Johns Hopkins’ Jeremy Greene, a noted historian of how medical technology influences our understandings of sickness and health, has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship — one of 171 scientists, writers, scholars and artists selected for the prestigious honor from a pool of nearly 2,500 applicants.

Jeremy Greene

Nickoles Named President at Bayview

Jennifer Nickoles, who has served as interim president of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center since July 2022, was named president in April.

Jennifer Nickoles at the Baltimore Convention Center Field Hospital.