Wilmer Residents Association Meeting: A Wealth of Awards

On June 3, 2022, the Wilmer Residents Association (WRA) held its 80th annual Clinical Research Meeting and graduation dinner. Awards were presented to and from Wilmer staff, residents and faculty members.

Award Winners

Wilmer Teaching Awards

  • Neil R. Miller Teaching Faculty Award: Ashley Behrens, M.D.
  • Richard Greenhouse Staff Teaching Award: Loka Thangamathesvaran, M.D.

Stuart and Ellie Fine Award for Clinical Research in Ophthalmology

  • First place: Ugochi Aguwa
  • Second place: Chanon (Tam) Thanticul

Dana Center Award

  • Yesha Shah , M.D.

Iliff-Kress Excellence in Patient Care Award

  • Ariel Chen, M.D.
  • Aaron Priluck, M.D.
  • Anuoluwapo Sopeyin, M.D.

Morton and Myrna Goldberg Prize for Exemplary Citizenship in Intradepartmental Affairs and for Superlative Care of Wilmer Patients

  • Bo Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

Housestaff Teaching Award

  • Adrianna Jensen, M.D.
  • Shazia Dharssi, M.D.

Fellow Teaching Award

  • Pujan Dave, M.D.

Faculty Resident Advocate Award

  • Amanda Henderson, M.D.

Wilmer Resident Surgical Teaching Award

  • Nicholas Mahoney, M.D.
  • Robert Weinberg, M.D.

L. Harrell Pierce, M.D. Wilmer Resident Teaching Award

  • Michael Sulewski, Jr., M.D.

Intern Teaching Award

  • Tina Tran, M.D.

Inaugural FAME Faculty Award

  • Edward Kuwera, M.D.

Inaugural FAME Resident Award

  • Bo Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

Mitchell Prizes

  • First prize: Angela Gauthier, M.D.
  • Second prize: Jasdeep Sabharwal, M.D.
  • Third prize: Mohima Sanyal, M.D.

Guest Speakers

  • Susruta Lectureship in History and Ethics: Jim Ravin, M.D.
  • Distinguished Alumnus Lecture: Mary Daly, M.D.
  • 32nd Wilmer Memorial Lecture: Paul Lee, M.D., J.D.

Wilmer Technician Travel Awards

  • Stephen Chott
  • Tonie Hines
  • Lisa Koneval
  • Dagmar Wehling

Wilmer Peri-operative Staff Awards

  • Princea Jones
  • Abir Mohammed
  • Liway Pauliah

Inaugural Cathy Taylor Resident Advocate Award

  • Shelley Casey
  • Irene Lao