An Ambitious Approach to Diabetes

Published in Hopkins Medicine - Spring/Summer 2022

In an ambitious expansion of existing diabetes services, the new Johns Hopkins Medicine Diabetes Prevention and Education Program (JHM DPEP), aims to address diabetes prevention and management for Marylanders with a high prevalence of risk factors and social determinants challenges.

Also called the Baltimore Metropolitan Diabetes Regional Partnership, the collaboration between the Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) and the University of Maryland Medical Center is supported by the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission.

The JHM DPEP offers two evidence-based programs: The Diabetes Prevention Program is a lifestyle change program backed by years of research shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes through weight loss, healthy eating and increased physical activity. Diabetes Self-Management Training educates and empowers patients with diabetes to make informed decisions about self-management and treatment of their disease, resulting in improved A1c levels, blood pressure control, medication adherence and overall self-efficacy.

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