For Nurse Franareth Jojic, the World is a Wonder

Franareth Jojic, R.N., marvels at the possibilities of adventure. Originally from the Philippines, she seeks to experience the world.

Franareth Jojic, R.N.

Franareth Jojic, R.N.

Published in Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital - Spring 2022

Franareth Jojic, R.N., marvels at the possibilities of adventure. Originally from the Philippines, she seeks to experience the world, traveling at every opportunity.

Her latest stop is as a nurse in the Pediatric Medicine unit at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. As we celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we caught up with Jojic about her job and how her colleagues tease her about her globetrotting interests.

Tell us about your job.

I am currently working in pediatric medicine, and I just started in February of this year. My day typically starts with getting to know all my patients before planning my activities for my shift.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Johns Hopkins All Children’s?

People here are very friendly and helpful. They made me feel like I belong as a part of their team. 

What’s something most people might not know about you?

I have always dreamt of visiting all countries and to be able to witness the Seven Wonders of the World. It motivated me to strive and work hard to be able to work outside my home country. Working in Abu Dhabi opened the opportunity for me to be able to travel to different countries. Every chance I get, I make sure I go and explore new places. My co-workers have given me the nickname "Dora the Explorer" because of my travel exploration. 

Why did you choose a career in medicine?

Nursing was never my first choice; I basically enrolled because my friends were planning to go to nursing school. I fell in love with nursing after I started working as an adult ICU nurse. I have seen and experienced things, good and bad, that have changed my perception of what it takes to be in the medical field. Seeing death on a daily basis made me appreciate the simple "thank you" from families of those patients we were able to send home healthy. Nothing beats seeing the smile on my patients' faces while we were wheeling them out of the intensive care unit. I never thought I would be a pediatric nurse, but after years of caring for long-term ventilated babies, I get to love it more. Seeing the kids grow up and being a part of having them experience quality of life despite their illnesses is worth it. Those times wherein just walking inside the patient's room immediately calms them down. The tears that shift to smiles is just heart-warming. 

Who is an Asian American and Pacific Islander you admire or people should learn more about?

I don't have a particular person, but rather I admire all Asian immigrants that came here and built a good life for themselves. Most of the people I know strive hard and are able to send themselves to school and be successful in their own careers. Starting a new life in a strange country with a different culture can be overwhelming, not to mention the discrimination that sadly we have to endure. Everyone has different reasons for choosing to immigrate to another country, the least that people could do is to be understanding. The best way to get a grasp of how it is to be an immigrant is to befriend us. I bet you will be amazed at how the world doesn't revolve on only one country or culture.