Radiology Physician-Scientists of the Future

Published in Radiology Update - 2021

The Radiology Physician-Scientist Incubator (RAD PSI) program is an exciting new initiative launched by Director of Radiology and Radiologic Sciences Karen M. Horton. It aims to build a select cadre of talented junior academic clinical faculty members as physician-scientists. The program represents a major investment toward developing physician-scientist leaders who will advance and translate imaging research to address unmet needs in human health.

The program was formally established this year and is led by Clinical Director Shadpour Demehri and Research Director Jeff Bulte. It includes three clinical faculty members — Ihab Kamel, Robert Liddell and Martin Pomper — and three research faculty members — Manisha Aggarwal, Kristine Glunde and Hanzhang Lu. The program has ooversight from Director Karen M. Horton and Research Vice Chair Zaver Bhujwalla.

The highly competitive application process requires a six-page application detailing a three-year research plan, letters of recommendation and review by the program faculty. During the selection process, applicants are requested to present their research plan. The selected candidate is provided with mentorship from the directors and program faculty members, protected research time, and funds for supplies and other costs.

The inaugural candidate selected for the RAD PSI Program is Vivek Yedavalli, assistant professor and director of stroke imaging. He is passionate about combining stroke and perfusion imaging with artificial intelligence (AI) to improve patient care through diagnosis and management. His goals during his tenure as a RAD PSI Program awardee will be to utilize AI and advanced MRI techniques to create and establish novel diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms to detect and manage stroke, stroke mimics and perfusion disorders.