Leander Benjamin Embraces Teamwork in His Role as Security Officer

Security officer Leander Benjamin talks about his role in helping to keep the hospital’s patients, families and staff safe, and how working together for a common goal can make a difference in work and in life.

Leander Benjamin

As Black History Month concludes, we’re highlighting special employees who make an impact on the safety of our hospital. Last, but certainly not least, Leander Benjamin answered a few questions about his day-to-day role as a security officer and what Black History Month means to him.

Tell us about what you do in a typical day.

I always come to work excited and motivated. My day is all about providing safety, security and protecting our patients, families and staff. After my detailed shift briefing, I’m assigned to various security posts throughout campus. It’s a refreshing opportunity that keeps me well-versed in my training. I’m honored to be a member of the security team.

What is your favorite thing about working at the hospital?

It’s the teamwork and support. Being surrounded by staff whose common goal is to take care of our most precious commodities — the children.

This year's Black History Month theme is The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity. What does embracing the representation, identity and diversity of Black people look like to you?

It looks like our future is promising. If everyone embraces the representation, identity and diversity of Black people, the world will become a better place. It’s a simple message that we are stronger together.

Name a Black American you admire or think people should learn more about:

People should take time to learn more about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his enormous, unimaginable struggle for the equality of all people.