Celebrating and Bolstering Diversity

Published in Aequanimitas - Aequanimitas Fall 2020

As we develop our plans for the brave new world of virtual recruitment, we continue to be guided by our core values. One value has become a priority recently and is even more critical to address, considering current events in our country: diversity.

We are pleased to report that we have the greatest number of underrepresented in medicine interns in our program today than ever in our history. At 24%, we also have far more than the national average (11.6%). This year, we are focusing on diversity even more and aspire to build on the momentum we have gained. Meanwhile, we will continue our training in implicit bias, our careful review of recruitment processes and our use of a holistic review process.

The mission of diversity has never been more compelling to me, especially as it applies to this residency program.

To be clear, we define diversity broadly. It extends beyond race and ethnicity. We must have diversity in backgrounds, experiences, identity, gender, language, interests, skills, aspirations and so much more. This goal cannot be achieved passively. It requires deliberate attention, discussion and analysis.

The Osler Medical Residency Program is proud to celebrate diversity in every arena. We encourage your advocacy regarding this crucial mission.

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