Class Notes

Meet the New Assistant Chiefs of Staff: From left, Shannon Walker (Thayer Firm); Chad Hochberg (Longcope Firm); Alison Wand (Janeway Firm) and Kevin Eaton (Barker Firm).

Photo by: Sherrie Fornoff

Published in Aequanimitas - Aequanimitas Fall 2019

Annual Awards

Natasha Chida
Ambulatory Preceptor Award

Edie Vargo
Part-Time Faculty Member

Joel Blankson
Full-Time Faculty Member

Malorie Simons
Fellow Award

Nelson 8 Team
Interprofessionalism Award

Kevin Shenderov and Nick Smith
Distinguished Teaching Society in the School of Medicine

Alan Jacobsen
Basic Student Teaching Award – Intern

Arsalan Derakhshan
Basic Student Teaching Award — Senior Resident

Alex Moffett
American College of Physicians Award

Yuxuan Wang and Anthony Bowen,
J. Mario Molina Scholars Award

Kristi Briggs
Lou and Nancy Grasmick Physician Scientist Scholars Award

Paul Scheel and Zach Gitlin
Frank L. Coulson Jr. Award

Kassandra Albright
Norman and Mary Stewart Memorial Award

Jordan Nahas-Vigo
Norman Anderson, M.D. Memorial Award

Kelly Arps
Priya Palagummi Memorial Award

Casey Ireland
Daniel Baker Award