Getting patients back on their feet

Published in Fall 2018

Did you know that bedrest can be toxic, and is linked to ongoing disability? Especially at risk are hospitalized patients.

To this end, Johns Hopkins Bayview has initiated AMP (Activity and Mobility Program), which focuses on getting patients out of bed and moving. AMP’s goal is to help patients maintain a level of mobility, and to keep them active during their hospital stay. It has been found that even a limited number of daily steps during hospitalization can mean the difference between functional decline and independence.

“Patients can regress quickly and don’t even realize it,” says Michelle D’Allesandro, director of medical nursing at Johns Hopkins Bayview. “By focusing on mobility, we are able to improve patient outcomes, expedite recovery time, and shorten length of stay.”

Taking Measures to Get Moving

AMP begins upon admission, when patients are assessed for a baseline mobility by their nurse or patient care technician. The care team then creates a mobility plan that outlines daily goals for time out of bed and for walking. Nursing staff champion the program, and collaborate with physical therapists, physicians and others on the team so that the patient’s mobility is discussed during multidisciplinary rounds—with the goal of having patients achieve their highest level of ability.

Says D’Allesandro, “Introducing this initiative has led to greater patient engagement and improved experience. More importantly, we are able to bring patients back to independence.”