Introducing the Johns Hopkins Medical Apps Committee

Published in Insight - September/October 2018 Insight

Are you using or developing an app for medical research, education or patient care? If so, enlist the expertise of the newly formed Johns Hopkins Medical Apps Committee. This multidisciplinary group ensures all apps employed at the organization support the mission of Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) and The Johns Hopkins University and comply with legal, regulatory, branding and technical policies.

From security to legal matters to the duplication of apps in use or development, the committee can help medical faculty, staff and students navigate an exciting area using apps for medical research, education and patient care.

If you are using, planning to use or developing an app, please complete the Application Review Committee Submission Form. A JHED ID is required and, if applicable, the following materials: invention disclosure, IRB protocol number and any additional documentation available on the app.

In this process, apps are reviewed for technical appropriateness, compliance, regulatory issues and branding. An app review committee reviews submissions at a monthly meeting and works with stakeholders to arrange for additional reviews/modifications as needed. Following committee confirmation to move ahead with branding/posting/use of the app, the Technology Innovation Center performs technical diligence prior to publishing.

This process applies to all personnel and students at all nine schools of the university and JHHS entities. Please note there will be a fee for newly developed apps to be listed in iTunes or Google Play.

To learn more, visit Johns Hopkins Tech Ventures.

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