Picture This: Sharing Best Practices

Published in Dome - November/December 2017

Kristina Hoerl, a registered nurse educator who specializes in radiology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, leads a simulation to train nurses and radiology technicians at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hoerl and other Johns Hopkins Medicine experts visited the new hospital in August as part of an assessment and training collaboration. In this exercise, conducted in the CT scan room, Hoerl poses as the parent of a pediatric patient and helps the group identify areas they could improve related to safety and emergency management. Pictured from left are two CT techs and a radiology nurse while the hospital’s head radiology nurse looks on from behind.

Also travelling to South Africa from Johns Hopkins Medicine were Kathleen Altemose, a third-year fellow in pediatric nephrology; Wilma Berends, a nurse consultant for Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI);  Kimberly Sexton, a peri-anesthesia pediatric nurse at The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and Ramish Rambissoon, JHI Global Services director. The group observed, lectured and led simulations in pediatric nursing specialties that included perioperative care, radiology and dialysis.

The three-year assessment and training project is funded through the United States Agency for International Development’s Maternal and Child Survival Program, which is led by Johns Hopkins affiliate Jhpiego. JHI acts as a global ambassador for Johns Hopkins, connecting patients with hospitals, clinics, medical services and clinicians throughout the Johns Hopkins Health System and providing JHHS experts and JHU faculty members with opportunities to consult, conduct research and share their knowledge with counterparts around the world.