Sanjay's Section

Published in Aequanimitas - Fall 2017

Every day, my interactions remind me that the greatest asset of our program is the people—our residents and, after three years, our alumni. Of all the defining moments in our lives, I believe that among the most profound is the shared experience. Our residency is a life-changing one, and we are privileged to have a community of colleagues who feel a bond with those who follow the same path.

I think it’s important to reinforce this connection. Increasingly, our world craves connectivity, and we should find ideal ways to foster these relationships. To that end, we recently asked our Advisory Board for suggestions. 

We're excited to share some ideas from this exchange. One key effort will be to enhance our alumni website, The Osler Connection. The site already lets you see class photos and trainees' contact information. Soon it will include searches for alumni with specific interests. Additionally, Baltimore-based reunions will soon coincide with our biennial events.

Finally, and most exciting, is our plan to come to you. We're launching a series of reunion events that will be publicized in advance and led by our dynamic ambassador and Program Director Emeritus Charlie Wiener. The first one will take place in Nashville this fall, followed by the Northeast, and California in 2018.

While there are many outstanding training programs in this country, I find it hard to imagine one with an alumni community brimming with as much pride, loyalty and interaction as ours does. I feel very lucky to be part of it.