Sanjay's Section

Published in Aequanimitas - Spring 2017

Much has happened in our country since Jan. 20, including actions that directly affect all of us in health care. My reaction to these changes has been visceral, in part because I am the son of immigrants and in part because we have housestaff who are directly affected by the new immigration rules (and many more whose families are affected).

I believe the direction in which we are going jeopardizes the health, safety and education of our patients and our trainees. As we took our twin 10-year-old boys to protest after protest in Washington, D.C., one asked why their presence is needed. We explained that it is not only necessary; it is essential to take a stand when we feel strongly about our views. These demonstrations, we added, support the values that define democracy and serve as a reminder of how lucky they are to be in a country where they can protest peacefully and be heard. 

I firmly believe that now is a critical time for us all to advocate for our beliefs, to exercise our right to be heard. I look forward to channeling my emotion into structured advocacy with our country’s representatives and professional societies. I hope we all do the same on behalf of our profession, our students and—most of all—the people for whom we have the privilege to care.


Sanjay Desai, Director
Osler Medical Training Program