A Call for Joy and a Leap into the Future of Medicine

IN HIS ANNUAL STATE OF  Johns Hopkins Medicine address, Paul Rothman, dean of the medical faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, presented a far-ranging snapshot of the institution’s
strategic work in three areas: enhancing joy in medicine, accelerating research and discovery, and innovating better care models. All are designed to achieve value for our patients.
   Notable takeaways from Dean/CEO Rothman’s talk:
  •  New initiatives to foster joy include appointing a “director of wellness” for students on the East Baltimore campus and keeping Einstein Bros. Bagels open 24/7 in The Johns Hopkins Hospital for residents and fellows.
  •  Johns Hopkins has formed a Joy in Medicine Task Force that will develop a “blueprint for boosting satisfaction” among caregivers.
  •  Departments have been asked to address gender pay gaps among people with comparable jobs.
  •  Grants to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine skyrocketed 21 percent, from $741 million in FY15 to $898 million in FY16.
  •  Johns Hopkins inHealth, an initiative launched this year to customize treatment plans for patients, promises to achieve quicker diagnoses, more advanced treatments and healthier outcomes.
  •  In March, The Johns Hopkins Hospital opened the Judy Reitz Capacity Command Center, which uses electronic data engineering principles to manage patient flow.

To view Dean/CEO Rothman's speech, go to: bit.ly/stateofJHM. 

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