Johns Hopkins Health System

Patient care is our first priority, so all of our hospitals maintain patient care responsibilities and do not close during a weather emergency. This means that staff members who are already on-site must remain on duty until new staff members arrive. Depending on weather severity, supervisors may keep staff members who are already working on the job. When necessary, nonclinical staff members may be asked to help maintain command center functions and assist with patient care.

  The back of your ID badge has a statement: “Local Police: In the event of a declared emergency, JHMI staff members are required at the medical campuses.” When there is a declared weather emergency, that statement will permit you to be on the roads.

If you are not able to report to work, you must contact your supervisor.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

In the event of snow or other severe weather conditions, all staff members who provide patient care services shall report to work. Any staff members on duty when the emergency plan is activated should remain on duty until adequate replacement staffing is available. The weather policy can be found at
  If you do not report to work during inclement weather, even if you call in, it is an absence, and you must use PTO for that day.
All inclement weather guidelines are in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Corporate and Administrative Policy Manual, available at

Howard County General Hospital

Howard County General Hospital does not close, and all employees are expected to make every effort to report to work on time. Employees should refer to policy HR C-12, which has been updated to outline expectations and methods of communication during weather events. For the latest information during a weather event, please visit the Employee Portal at or call 410-740-SNOW (7669).

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

During periods of inclement weather, each employee is expected to report to work and arrange for transportation that will ensure arrival at work on time. See Inclement Weather Policy
Number EMPRE503 at
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
As weather conditions can differ across our organization, decisions will be made practice by practice. Employees will be notified about late openings and site closures through protocols specific to department and practice.
Johns Hopkins HealthCare
When weather conditions are severe, staff members can call the Employee Communications Line by dialing the main number at 410-424-4679 and entering extension 4000. The message will indicate whether Johns Hopkins HealthCare is closed—only in exceptionally hazardous conditions—is opening late or has enacted liberal leave. If the decision is made to close the facility, employees’ PTO will be deducted for the scheduled hours of the closure. For more information, employees should consult the Johns Hopkins HealthCare HR 005 weather policy.
Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
The Home Care Group does not close during a weather emergency. Telephone trees are the primary means of communicating important information during emergency situations. Updated messages are available on the emergency communication line at 410-288-8002.
Sibley Memorial Hospital
Employees should refer to Human Resources Policy (03-21-09) for inclement weather procedures. Emergency communications will be published at and
Suburban Hospital
Employees should refer to the Severe Weather Policy (HR-211) in the HR policy manual on SHIP. The policy outlines employee expectations and methods of communication during weather events.