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HEPIUS Lab Members

We have built a team of preeminent researchers and clinicians, from both academia and industry settings, who specialize in fields such as neurosurgery, military medicine, novel ultrasound transducers, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor-integrated circuit design and nanofabrication, machine learning, software development and immunology. Our team also includes experts experienced in translating leading-edge technology to human use, while addressing ethical, consumer and commercialization considerations.

Biomedical Engineering Collaborators

School of Public Health Collaborators

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Collaborators

Electrical and Computer Engineering Collaborators

Mechanical Engineering Collaborators

Animal Study Collaborators



  • Chad Restrick
  • Geltrouda Demczuk

    Geltrouda Demczuk
  • Kelley Kempski, MS

    Senior Research Program Supervisor

    Kelley Kempski
  • Constantin Smit

    Associate Staff Engineer

    Constantin Smit
  • Julie Zeuch

    Julie Zeuch

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Surgical Resident Researchers

Medical Students

Research Scientists

  • Griffin Mess

    Griffin Mess
  • Leonard Steger

    Leonard Steger

Graduate Students

  • Mihir Adhikari

    M.S. Candidate

    Mihir Adhikari
  • Max J. Kerensky

    Ph.D. Candidate

    Max Kerensky
  • Kunal Kotkar

    M.S. Candidate

    Kunal Kotkar
  • Avisha Kumar

    Ph.D. Candidate

  • Ruixing Liang

    Ph.D. Candidate

    Ruixing Liang

Undergraduate Students

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Sonic Concepts, Inc.

Columbia University


Former Team Members

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