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About Our Lab

The HEPIUS (Holistic Electrical, Ultrasonic, and Physiological Interventions Unburdening Those with Spinal Cord Injury) team aims to design and develop a system of systems comprising an entirely new class of implantable and wearable medical devices to aid spinal cord injury patients in both the acute and chronic phases of injury.

The HEPIUS Innovation Labs consist of multiple multidisciplinary labs at various campuses across Johns Hopkins, from the schools of engineering and medicine to Johns Hopkins Bayview and the Applied Physics Lab.

Our mission is to identify major clinical needs for spinal cord injury patients and drive the development of new imaging modalities, drug delivery and minimally invasive therapeutic technologies. We then translate these advances to clinical use and develop the medicine of tomorrow.

Facilities and Resources (Slideshow)


    Lab Locations

    Front entrance to Hopkins hospital

    The Johns Hopkins Hospital

    Baltimore, MD 21287

    Front entrance of Bayview hospital

    Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

    Baltimore, MD 21224

    Applied Physics Laboratory's wooded campus

    Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

    Laurel, MD 20723

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