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Our Neurosurgery Spine Team

Conditions affecting the spine are often complex. To help you manage pain and restore as much function as possible, we've gathered a group of experts who work together to ensure seamless continuity of care that addresses your total well-being. Our spine team includes world-renowned neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain specialists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and therapists, who collaborate to develop a unique treatment plan for each patient. 

Director of the Neurosurgical Spine Center

Spine Neurosurgeons

Advanced Practitioners

Cassandra Blair

Cassandra Blair, PA-C

Laura Blanchfield

Laura Blanchfield, NP, CRNP

Elizabeth Marinaro

Elizabeth Marinaro, MSPA, PA-C

Julie McCracken

Julianna (Julie) McCracken, PA-C

Roma Patel

Roma Patel, MMS, PA-C

Alex Minda Zhu

Alex Minda Zhu, PA-C

Other Neurosurgeons We Work With

Rehabilitation Team


Other Staff Members

Ramsey, Nicole
Surgical Coordinator

Suk, Ian
Medical Illustrator

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