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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Specialty Spine Centers

The dedicated specialty centers of the Johns Hopkins Neurosurgical Spine Center bring together the best minds in diagnosis and management of spine disorders, ensuring you get individualized treatment and optimal results, from initial diagnosis to post-treatment rehabilitation.

Consult One of our Neurosurgical Spine Centers

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Center
Providing endoscopy, microscopy, fusion surgery, and other techniques for disc herniation, stenosis, and compression fracture

Degenerative Spine Conditions Center
Treating inflammatory degenerative conditions, including disc disease, spinal stenosis, facet joint arthritis, and spondylolisthesis

Spinal Deformity Center
Specializing in scoliosis and other deformities affecting the spine

Spine Tumor Center
Managing tumors that affect the spinal cord and bony structures of the spine, including metastases from other areas

Spinal Trauma and Infection Center
Providing timely diagnosis and treatment for initial trauma, compression, instability and spinal infections

Chordoma Center
Offering comprehensive planning, surgical resection, and follow-up

Congenital Spine Disorders Center
Assessing and treating disorders present from birth that affect the form and function of the spine

A Collaborative Approach

Our spine specialty teams comprise world-renowned neurosurgeons and neurologists, with close ties to specialists in pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation. In addition, a multidisciplinary program that includes collaboration with experts in orthopedic surgery ensures your access to the most up-to-date approaches to spine care.

You can feel confident in Johns Hopkins’ expertise, whether you are undergoing deformity correction, multi-level fusion techniques for degenerative spinal disease, complex surgical spinal reconstruction or challenging spinal tumor management.

Continuing an Honored Heritage

When you choose Johns Hopkins for your spinal surgery, you are taking part in a long-standing tradition of scientific excellence and superior spinal care.

The very first spinal operations such as disk excision for the treatment of sciatica and anterior cervical disk removal were pioneered right here at Johns Hopkins.

Every day we build on our legacy as a center of spine care excellence. You will also benefit from close proximity to late-breaking clinical and scientific advancements from Johns Hopkins research laboratories, which translate directly into your surgeons' recommended plan for you.

For instance, with the assistance of advanced intraoperative monitoring during surgery, we are able to safely remove spinal tumors that were once believed to be impossible to remove.

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Maryland Patients

Learn how to request an appointment with or refer a patient to the Neurosurgical Spine Center at Johns Hopkins. You may direct additional questions or follow up with one of our office coordinators at 410-955-4424.

Adult Neurology: 410-955-9441
Pediatric Neurology: 410-955-4259
Adult Neurosurgery: 410-955-6406
Pediatric Neurosurgery: 410-955-7337

Traveling for Care?

Whether you're crossing the country or the globe, we make it easy to access world-class care at Johns Hopkins.

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International Patients

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