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Johns Hopkins Metabolic Bone and Osteoporosis Center

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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Metabolic Bone and Osteoporosis Center

One of only a handful of academic centers in the United States dedicated to skeletal health, the Johns Hopkins Metabolic Bone and Osteoporosis Center is committed to providing patients and their families the care necessary to diagnose and treat disorders of bone. From osteoporosis to hyperparathyroidism to rare bone disease, we realize that every patient case is unique and deserving of thoughtful and personalized care. We hope to work with our patients, addressing their specific needs and preferences, while offering expert opinion on lifestyle interventions, nutritional factors and pharmacotherapies that can promote optimal skeletal health. There is no “textbook case” or “one size fits all” model that we employ; rather, each patient who walks through our doors brings with her/him a specific life story that must be incorporated into our evaluation and treatment plan.

Our Center is unique in that it fosters the latest in research, technology and patient care in the area of metabolic bone diseases, or disorders of bone strength, commonly caused by abnormalities of minerals (such as calcium or phosphorus), vitamin D, bone mass or bone structure. Osteoporosis is the most common metabolic bone disorder, though there are many conditions that may lead to bone deterioration, fracture or other biochemical abnormalities that we see within our walls (see Conditions We Treat). With the realization that bone is not an inanimate object, the field is ever-changing with respect to how we think about bone remodeling and quality as well as how to best target what we learn each year so that our patients are best managed (lifestyle, pharmacotherapy, other).

By bringing together bone experts, resources, equipment and procedures, the Metabolic Bone and Osteoporosis Center is a convenient place for patients to receive comprehensive and compassionate care. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of skeletal disorders and fractures. The team includes endocrinologists, geriatricians, orthopaedists, neurosurgeons, nutritionists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. With a philosophy of care centered on a complete approach to bone health, the team collaborates to ensure the treatment plan for each patient is individualized and to provide the best possible outcome.

Why choose Johns Hopkins for treatment of metabolic bone, calcium and parathyroid disorders?

Our doctors understand metabolic bone disorders, and they have years of clinical expertise in endocrinology, metabolic bone disorders, osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency and calcium and phosphorus disorders. They have published numerous articles and textbook chapters based on their research in metabolic bone disorders and enjoy working with patients to individually design effective diet, lifestyle and treatment regimens to improve skeletal health.