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Frequently Asked Questions

I travel from a long distance for my appointments, and it is sometimes hard for me to make it to the clinic as frequently as my doctor would like. Do you offer phone appointments or consultations?

Unfortunately, we cannot perform medical consultations over the phone or with the use of video-conferencing at this time. 

I think that I am having a side effect to the medication(s) that my metabolic bone doctor has prescribed for me. What should I do?

Please let us know! Though we do our best to review the most common medication side effects with our patients prior to prescribing, it is impossible to know how each individual will tolerate a drug. Please stop the medication and reach out to us by phone (410-550-2565) or MyChart (Patient Advice Request) so we can discuss the next steps in your care. Our metabolic bone nurse and physicians are committed to finding a treatment plan that keeps you healthy and symptom-free.

I have had a new fracture. Should I wait until my next appointment to talk to my metabolic bone doctor about this?

No surprises are allowed in bone clinic! If you have had a new fracture, please send us a MyChart message or give us a call. In many instances, we will ask that you return to clinic to discuss whether changes are required in your treatment plan.

What websites would you recommend I use to read more about my bone condition?

We all know that there is a lot of information out there on bone disease, ranging from calcium and D supplementation, novel nutrients, exercise regimens, alternative therapies and prescribed medications. It can be overwhelming, without question. Given the volume of information available to you on the web, we would recommend the sites that are both medically accurate and reader-friendly. These sites include the following:

NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center:
The National Osteoporosis Foundation:
American Bone Health:

Of course, if you come across additional information that you would like to discuss during your appointments, please bring those questions with you – we are more than happy to “talk bone” with you.