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Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Johns Hopkins is home to one of the largest leukemia programs worldwide. Groundbreaking treatments in all types of leukemias and blood disorders are just the beginning of unparalleled care and commitment to our patients and families in the Johns Hopkins Leukemia Program

Leukemia Experts

Leukemia experts at Johns Hopkins are world-renowned for their experience in the treatment and management of leukemia and blood disorders.

About Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Acute lymphocytic leukemia most commonly occurs in children and a smaller proportion of adults.  This cancer of the blood progresses rapidly and affects lymphocyte cells – immune cells that include B- and T- cells.

New Treatment Approaches

Open Leukemia Clinical Trials

Since most young adults with ALL typically do not fare as well as children with the disease, a more intensive approach to therapy is being studied through Johns Hopkins and multi-institutional clinical trials using multiple drugs and pilot studies investigating new therapies.

Johns Hopkins patients also have access to innovative clinical trials for acute leukemias and, as one of the nation’s leaders in bone marrow transplant, our clinicians have designed unique inpatient/outpatient (IPOP) programs to shorten hospital stays for select patients while maintaining the same level of expert care.

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