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Cervical Dysplasia

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Cervical Dysplasia Experts

Cornelia Trimble, MD Cornelia Trimble, M.D. Director Johns Hopkins Center for Cervical Dysplasia

The Johns Hopkins Center for Cervical Dysplasia was established in 2001 to offer Pap tests and screening for HPV infection. Directed by Cornelia Trimble, M.D., one of few specialists in the country who are board-certified in both obstetrics/gynecology and pathology, the Center aims to diagnose and manage any abnormal changes to the cervix with the goal of preventing cervical cancer. Researchers affiliated with the Center are studying and developing immune therapies, including vaccines, to treat HPV disease of the lower genital tract. 

Cervical Dysplasia Experts


Inpatient Cervical Cancer Screening

Lynn McDonald, DNP, RN

Johns Hopkins Hospital


Bayview Medical Center

Andrea Elko, PA

Bernice Horton, CRNP

Linda Rogers, CRNP

Bayview Team

Green Spring Station

Audrey Bruce, MA

Paula Sparks, RN

Judy Star

Cervical Cancer Team
Research team

Mihaela Paradis – Research Program Manager

Betty Sauter, CRNP – Research Nurse

Leonel Maldonado-Gonzalez – Postdoctoral Fellow

Maria Agarwal – Postdoctoral fellow

Ya-Chea Tsai – Tissue banking technician

Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center Human Immunology Core Lab

Christopher Thoburn

Gynecologic Pathology

Brigitte Ronnett, MD

Cervical Cancer Nurses and Connie