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Our Vision for Immunotherapy
By 2026, cancer deaths will have been reduced by 50%
Our Impact
BKI's innovative cancer treatments have added 300,000 years to patients' lives.
Cutting-Edge Research
15 different cancers can be treated by immunotherapy drugs pioneered at BKI.

Research News 2021: AstroPath

Janis Taube, MD, MsC, explains how AstroPath, a platform that she developed with Alex Szalay, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University pairs astronomy with pathology to identify predictive biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy.

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Clinical Trials
Our researchers and doctors are using cutting-edge immune-based treatments to find new ways to fight cancer and save lives.
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What is Cancer Immunotherapy?
We pioneered the leading therapies saving lives today, and we are working on the most promising therapies of tomorrow. Get answers to your questions.
Immunotherapy Explained
Margaret, Dr. Sharfman, and nurse Trish Brothers
Our Patients, Our Doctors and Nurses: A Partnership
Amazing Margaret
Margaret is energetic and engaging. At 92, she is mentally sharp and physically active. She is an avid reader, walks for 45 minutes each day, takes strength training and balance classes and volunteers in her community. In 2016, a bump on the back of her neck threatened to change all of that.
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image of the Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy building
About the Institute
Founded in 2016 with a series of philanthropic investments totaling $125 million, the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is a groundbreaking collaboration between clinical and scientific specialties, supporting cancer immunotherapy research across many cancer types.
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