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Answering the Call to Find a Cure Doctor and patient smiling together

Founded in 2016 with a series of philanthropic investments totaling $125 million, the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (BKI) is a groundbreaking collaboration between clinical and scientific specialties, supporting cancer immunotherapy research across many cancer types. We believe research has harnessed only 10 percent of the immune system's potential ability to fight cancer. We want to realize its full potential.

Our Mission

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Take the science to a new level.

With so much left to discover, the future of immunotherapy may stem from emerging areas of science that are underappreciated and not easily funded by conventional means. We will invest in these promising scientific programs.

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Develop powerful new technologies.

We will build on immunotherapy's momentum with new technologies that allow us to study the tumor microenvironment thoroughly and efficiently, and seek to understand why immunotherapy works for some patients and not others.

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Translate research into therapies more rapidly.

The need for effective cancer treatments is urgent, but it takes many, many years to bring a concept from the lab to the patient. We are accelerating the clinical development process by offering small, cutting-edge clinical trials supported by an immense translational research team.


Is immunotherapy available to me?

View immunotherapy treatments available for different cancer types.


Treatment at BKI

While there are FDA-approved immune therapies, the science is still new. Most patients who receive immune-based cancer treatments do so as part of a clinical trial. Our investigator-initiated trials are not sponsored by drug companies, but are fully designed, executed, analyzed and published under the direction of our clinician-scientists.

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Nurse navigator helps patients choose and register for clinical trials, and helps guide their care.

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Biopsy service helps patients manage their test needs before and during treatment.

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Patients continue receiving multi-disciplinary care from their immunotherapy team and oncologist.

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