Joint Commission International Accreditation Support

Our Solution

Increasingly, health care institutions seek hospital accreditation to demonstrate their commitment to patient safety and quality — it is the gold standard in the global health community. Johns Hopkins excels in preparing global health care institutions for Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and certification in both hospital and ambulatory care settings.

Our JCI accreditation and quality and safety experts work with clients to identify and mitigate compliance gaps and potential pitfalls, and provide strategies to achieve short- and long-term accreditation and certification goals.

Our Approach

We engage experts from across our institution to ensure our clients are prepared to remain compliant with even the most challenging accreditation standards and requirements. We offer virtual, in-person and hybrid assistance to hospitals considering JCI accreditation. Our accreditation preparation process is a five-phase approach, with the first four phases typically completed within 18 months.  

Phase I: GAP Analysis Assessment

Compares current performance against the desired state.

Phase II: Strategic Planning

Includes recommended resource allocation, technical requirements and tactics, and action planning to prepare for the survey.

Phase III: Mock Survey Simulation

Provides a realistic experience similar to that of actual surveyors, and gives guidance in carrying out the resulting recommendations.

Phase IV: Accreditation Survey Support

Offers guidance leading up to and on the day of the survey.

Phase V: Compliance Monitoring

Guides the organization in meeting regulatory requirements after accreditation is achieved.

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