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Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital: Bringing Best Practices in Physician Training to China

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital: Bringing Best Practices in Physician Training to China

Taikang Life Insurance Company Ltd., interested in developing high-quality health care facilities, recognized they first needed a pipeline of well-trained residency graduates capable of independent practice. 
Taikang Life’s realization led to a three-way collaboration between Johns Hopkins, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital and Taikang Life, China’s largest non-state-owned insurance financial group. This innovative public-private collaboration model addresses what may be the greatest needs in China’s health care infrastructure: human resource development and patient care models.

How We Work Together

  • Introduced a competency-based health care training concept, and helped establish standardized medical residency training programs.
  • Delivered onsite hospital consulting, created faculty development programs, developed online medical education modules and hosted observers from Drum Tower at Johns Hopkins.
  • Established a sustainable enhancement of Drum Tower’s residency program, allowing the pipeline to fill with additional qualified clinicians to care for China’s growing health care needs.


What Our Affiliate Says

We at Drum Tower Hospital have benefited much from this collaboration in the past three years. The special model of residency training at Drum Tower Hospital has basically taken shape. This training model not only integrates the competency-based training at Johns Hopkins, but also meets the requirements of residency training in China. 

— Guangshu Han M.D., President, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital


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