Johns Hopkins Medicine Visiting Physician Program at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital in Dubai: Renowned Care, Locally

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Visiting Physician Program at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital in Dubai enables world-renowned doctors from Johns Hopkins Medicine in the United States to travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), on a regular basis to provide advanced diagnostic and specialty care for patients in the region. Services are provided at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital in Dubai, a state-of-the-art medical center in the UAE. This program is part of a collaboration agreement between Johns Hopkins Medicine International and Clemenceau Medicine International.  

How We Work Together

  • Specialty areas for the Johns Hopkins Medicine Visiting Physician Program include neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery and vascular surgery, among others. The first physicians to visit Dubai for the program include urologist Arthur Burnett, M.D., endocrinologist Paul Ladenson, M.D., and surgical oncologist Mehran Habibi, M.D.

  • Johns Hopkins physicians will also participate in knowledge exchange with their clinical colleagues at Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital in Dubai through lectures, grand rounds and other educational activities.

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What Our Affiliate Says

This program is facilitated by a collaboration agreement between Clemenceau Medicine International and Johns Hopkins Medicine International. The collaboration, a first in the UAE, will contribute in raising the standard of care in the region.

Mounes Kalaawi, M.D., F.R.C.S., M.B.A., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Clemenceau Medicine International

What Our President Says

We are honored to collaborate with Clemenceau Medicine International in their efforts to advance health care in the Middle East and to share our expertise and best practices with Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai, one of the region’s premier health care institutions. We are deeply committed to expanding access to high-quality health care in the United Arab Emirates and beyond, so as many people as possible can receive the best care close to home and family.

Charles M. Wiener, M.D., President of Johns Hopkins Medicine International

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