Tawam Hospital: Redefining Cancer Care in the UAE

Cancer is a leading cause of death in the United Arab Emirates. This grim statistic mobilized Tawam Hospital to seek hospital consulting from us to enhance its cancer services — an evolution from our previous engagement focused on hospital administration and operations oversight, knowledge exchange and clinical programming.  

Experts from the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center collaborated with Tawam Hospital to establish a cancer center of excellence for the region. Part of the SEHA network, Tawam Hospital serves as a regional referral center for specialized medical care and a national referral center for oncology services. 

How We Work Together

  • Enhanced and expanded oncology services, including in hematology, radiology and palliative care.

  • Achieved six health care certifications in oncology from the Joint Commission International.

  • Developed and launched a medical oncology fellowship program.

  • Developed and delivered surgical rotations, knowledge transfer activities and key performance indicators to enhance cancer service delivery and quality. 

  • Developed a strategic map for aligning oncology services more closely with international best practices, including moving toward subspecialized, multidisciplinary care by cancer type.

  • Transitioned from paper-based charting to electronic medical records, developed standards for ordering chemotherapy electronically and integrated the use of less costly generic drugs, among other improvements.

  • Appointed an oncology medical director (U.S. based), full-time medical oncologist (Tawam based) and full-time oncology administrator (Tawam based) to provide clinical care and improve operations. 

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