China Northwest International Medical Center: Establishing a High Quality Academic Medical Center from the Ground Up

China Northwest International Medical Center (CNIMC) is a comprehensive greenfield hospital project located in Xi’an, the largest city in the northwest region of China. We are helping CNIMC fulfill its vision of advancing care for patients with complex or rare conditions in the immediate region and beyond. We are providing consultation on the development of their hospital policy, procedure and management structure, and more.  

How We Work Together

  • Consult with CNIMC leaders on the development of the hospital master plan, including an architectural design that maximizes collaboration and workflow among caregivers and departments to improve patient care.
  • Lead a four-day training and development course for over 300 nurse leaders across 200 institutions to enhance the competencies and skills of the local nursing talent pool.

  • Facilitate executive education and training activities for CNIMC, including a symposium with leaders from both institutions to inspire ideas on how to serve the complex and advanced health care needs in the region.
  • Consult CNIMC on how to plan for and build a proton therapy center—from conception to operation—by bringing together experts from Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center and proton manufacturers from the industry to lead CNIMC towards bringing this treatment modality to their community.

What Our Affiliate Says

The collaboration between China Northwest International Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Medicine International will write a new chapter for the internationalization and modernization of China’s health care industry.

Selena Zhou, Vice Chair and Executive President, China Northwest International Medical Center

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