Asia Pacific Health Care: Reimagining Home Care in China

With China’s growing demand for health care, patients often wait in long lines at public hospitals, and accessing quality care quickly can be a challenge. Asia Pacific Health Care (APHC), a health care management company, decided home care was a viable and novel solution and sought out our hospital consulting services to bring the idea to fruition.

How We Work Together

  • Introduced the home care concept and model to the Chinese market and helped establish standardized home-based care and rehabilitation programs.
  • Collaborated to build APHC’s infrastructure and workforce to include nursing professionals and administrative staff, and established a design that supports multiple specialties.

  • Provided hospital consulting and health care education on developing and promoting home-based care and rehabilitation programs.
  • Established service offerings in postnatal care for mother and baby, care for postoperative gastrointestinal surgery patients, disease management for the chronically ill, and elder care and rehabilitation.

The Future of Home Care in China

Johns Hopkins is sharing best practices for integrating home-based care models with Asia Pacific Health Care to improve local access to health care.

 What Our Affiliate Says

The affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International has broadened our horizon in improving the quality of home care services. Through their well-arranged training for our doctors, nurses and our dean, we have built a proper understanding of home care, improved our service skills and abilities, and most importantly, united the whole team to fully support our home care business.

Wei Xiao, Vice President, Asia Pacific Health

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