Pacífico Salud: Raising the Quality of Health Care Across a Vast Corps of Caregivers

Pacífico Salud is an insurance company consisting of one of the largest health care networks in Peru. Its consortium of medical facilities includes hospitals, laboratories, and outpatient and urgent care centers. Our contract with Pacífico Salud is helping to develop and strengthen clinical quality and patient services programs at key network hospitals and centers throughout Peru, including SANNA, a national network of private hospitals and ambulatory health services, and Aliada, a comprehensive outpatient cancer center that offers preventive and diagnostic services, treatment therapies and palliative care.

How We Work Together

  • Identify opportunities to enhance patient safety, optimize clinical quality and operational efficiency, and improve care delivery.
  • Elevate the practice of nursing and introduce new and innovative care concepts.

  • Lead multidisciplinary physician discussion panels to review complex oncology cases and share best practices and current protocols.
  • Develop and offer training programs for leaders in health care.

What Our Affiliate Says

Johns Hopkins is one of the most prestigious medical groups in the world, and its involvement enables us to achieve the highest standards of medical excellence for the benefit of our community.

Guillermo Garrido Lecca, General Manager, Pacífico Salud

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