Bermuda Hospitals Board: Expanding Stroke and Psychiatric Care for Bermudians

When the Bermuda Hospitals Board sought to support Bermuda in expanding care capacity and growing medical services, focusing on stroke and psychiatry, it asked us to serve as a clinical operations consultant. We brought our experience in health care education and health care training — and our long history of treating Bermudian patients and providing hospital consulting on the island. Stroke is a leading cause of death in Bermuda, and its main hospital sees as many as five stroke patients every week, making stroke certification vital.  

How We Work Together

  • Laid the groundwork to establish a comprehensive stroke center at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, and earned hospital accreditation by Accreditation Canada.
  • Provide robust continuing medical education opportunities for practicing physicians, and health care education and health care training opportunities to aspiring medical students and nurses.
  • Expanded hospital rehabilitation services to improve inpatient outcomes and treat the effects of chronic disease and other medical conditions. 

  • Created an integrated stroke service that emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and physical rehabilitation of stroke.
  • Enhanced psychiatric care, focusing on integrated, comprehensive care for patients, including a medical education series and a workshop on treatment plans for patients with a dual diagnosis of mental health issues and addiction.

Featured Work

Singular Approach for Treating Dual Diagnoses

October 2020
Nearly half of all people suffering from mental disorders have a dual diagnosis of substance abuse.  Johns Hopkins Medicine International and Bermuda Hospitals Board are working together to treat both diagnoses simultaneously.

dual diagnosis

Resident Turns His "Weaknesses into Strengths" in Bermuda

December 2019
Ruben Troncoso, the first Johns Hopkins Medicine resident to travel to Bermuda under the new visiting residents program, shares his perspective on the benefits of practicing outside the United States.

Resident Ruben Troncoso

Tackling Bermuda's Stroke Epidemic

February 2020
Johns Hopkins Medicine International and the Bermuda Hospitals Board are working together to create an integrated stroke program at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital to improve stroke care, decrease hospital length of stay, and more.

Bermuda stroke

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