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Respiratory Protection Program


Fit-Testing at JHH

**Appointment Not Required**


Halsted 304

Available Fit-Testing Days & Times

**Due to the Thanksgiving Day Holiday, Fit-Testing will be closed on Friday, Nov. 25th**


Mondays, Wednesdays: 8AM-noon & 2-4PM

Friday: 9-11AM & 2-4PM

You should also check with you department administrator to see if there is unit-based or departmental fit-testing available.


If you have an urgent need to be fit-tested, contact HSE at 410-955-5918 or



  • Respiratory Protection Program - HSE 008
  • HSE 008 Addendum A: Respiratory Protection Devices - HSE 008A
  • HSE 008 Addendum B: Respiratory Protection Devices - HSE 008B
  • Tuberculosis and Other Airborne Infectious Disease (formerly "Airborne Pathogen Control Program") - HSE 601