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Johns Hopkins 2022-23 Flu Campaign

Johns Hopkins Medicine personnel are required to receive an annual influenza (flu) vaccine and to upload proof to the Vaccine Management System (VMS) before Friday, Nov. 18 2022, or obtain an approved medical or religious exception (deadline for application is Oct. 31, 2022). Exceptions must be submitted through the VMS.

The inactivated influenza vaccine (injectable) will be administered to physicians, faculty and staff members, employees, students and volunteers by employee occupational health services at no cost. Vaccinated staff will receive a black ID badge clip.

    • Flu unit champion programs are available at participating locations including The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Howard County General Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital and Johns Hopkins Community Physicians.
    • Vaccination are available at the on-site clinics on a walk-in basis. An appointment is not required at most locations.
    • To expedite your visit, complete the vaccination administration form in advance and bring it with you.
    • Visit a Walgreens retail pharmacy using the voucher from VMS. Print the voucher (JHED login required) or display the voucher on your phone, and present your Johns Hopkins badge. To expedite your visit, complete the vaccination administration form in advance and bring it with you. You must upload proof of receiving the vaccine to VMS.
    • Alternatively, you may receive vaccination from an external health care location or outside pharmacy with your health insurance benefit (a copay may apply).

      If vaccinated outside of an employee occupational health services location, the unit flu champion program or a Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy:
    • Remember to obtain and upload your vaccine record printout and upload the documentation to VMS by November 18th, 2022. This applies even if the health care location where you obtain the vaccine is in the Johns Hopkins provider network.
    • A flu clip will need to be obtained elsewhere if you are vaccinated outside of an employee occupational health services location listed above. See FAQs for more information.
  • You may choose to receive your free flu vaccine at any Walgreens retail location. This is a convenient option since it can be done anytime and will not interrupt your work day to get your vaccine.

    • You must either print out a voucher (JHED login required) or display the voucher on your phone at the time of service to receive the vaccine at Walgreens.  
    • You must present your Johns Hopkins badge at Walgreens
    • Optional, print and complete consent form prior to visit.
    • Please make sure you get a copy of the Vaccine Administration Record or pharmacy print-out from Walgreens before leaving the store.
    • * If you receive your vaccine at a Walgreens retail location, you must upload your vaccine documentation (Walgreens vaccination sample) to the Vaccine Management System (VMS).  Walgreens will not submit your vaccination to OHS.
    • The high dose flu vaccine for employees age 65 and over WILL be available through this voucher program.
    • Flu clips will not be given out at Walgreens retail locations. See FAQ’s for clip information.


    walgreens voucher
    Click to open Walgreens voucher via VMS (
    JHED login required)

  • Vaccine Received Elsewhere

    If you received your Flu vaccine at any location outside of a Johns Hopkins based mass vaccine clinic or from a Unit Champion, you must upload proof of your vaccine to Vaccination Management System (VMS).  This includes vaccines given: 

    • At a Walgreens retail location (with or without a voucher)
    • At your healthcare provider’s office (including Hopkins providers)
    • At any retail pharmacy
    • At another place of employment

    It is expected that you use this link to submit documented proof of your 2022-2023 Influenza Vaccination received elsewhere.  If you do not have access to a computer and/or scanner to submit your proof of vaccination, you may use another Johns Hopkins employee to submit your proof of vaccination by using the tool below:

    Vaccination Management System (**Please follow the requirements below**)


    • Full name must be present on vaccine documentation
    • Date of Vaccination must be legible
    • All pages must be present
    • Documentation must be readable
    • If pharmacy receipt, the vaccine must clearly be listed 
    • If the document is in a language other than English, it must include a certified English translation

    Black Flu Badge Clip

    Note: It may take up to 1 week for your outside flu vaccination to be processed and receive your "confirmation email".

    Please see further details to find out how to get your black flu badge clip. 


  • Religious & Medical Exception Forms

    Employees requesting religious/spiritual or medical qualified exceptions must submit their request to VMS by October 31, 2022

    Religious/Spiritual Exceptions

    Vaccine Management System

    **Requests must be completed and submitted using VMS .**

    Medical Exceptions

    Vaccine Management System

    **Healthcare provider documentation is required the first time you request a medical exception.  Unless there is a change in your medical condition, you only need to submit the form each year. **

    **Forms must be completed and submitted using VMS.  Please do not fax or email the 
    completed forms to OHS.**

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine & Johns Hopkins University

    According to the new Mandatory Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Policy (HSE048) everyone must receive the influenza vaccine or possess an approved qualified exception as defined by the above policy. The vaccine is provided free to all physicians, faculty and staff members, other personnel, students and volunteers.

    Note that these requirements do not apply to employees of The Johns Hopkins University (other than the school of medicine) who are 100% remote (those who never visit a Johns Hopkins facility or conduct business in any public setting on Johns Hopkins’ behalf). However, all employees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated.

    Vendors must show proof of having received the influenza vaccine before conducting business or working within a Johns Hopkins building.

    As defined by the above policy, everyone who has not received the influenza vaccine must wear a mask within 6 feet of a patient during the flu season (Nov. 18, 2022 to May 15, 2023).

Have questions about the mandatory flu vaccination policy? Read these FAQs

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