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Walgreens Vaccinations

You may choose to receive your free flu vaccine at any Walgreens retail location. This is a convenient option since it can be done anytime and will not interrupt your work day to get your vaccine.

  • You must either print out a voucher (JHED ID & PW required) or display the voucher on your phone at the time of service to receive the vaccine at Walgreens.  Please note, use Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser to open voucher.
  • You must present your Johns Hopkins badge at Walgreens
  • Optional, print and complete consent form prior to visit.
  • The high dose flu vaccine for employees age 65 and over WILL NOT be available through this voucher program.
  • Flu clips will not be given out at Walgreens retail locations. See FAQ’s for clip information.
  • Please make sure you get a copy of the Vaccine Administration Record or pharmacy print-out from Walgreens before leaving the store.
  • * If you receive your vaccine at a Walgreens retail location, you must upload your vaccine documentation to the Vaccine Management System (VMS).

*Note:  Updated process this year, all Walgreens retail vaccinations with or without vouchers must be uploaded in the Vaccine Management System (VMS).  Walgreens will not submit your vaccination to OHS.


walgreens voucher
Click to open Walgreens voucher via VMS (
JHED ID & PW required)
**NOTE: Not compatible with Internet Explorer.  Use Chrome, Safari or Firefox**