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Johns Hopkins 2020-21 Flu Campaign

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Flu vaccine for Johns Hopkins employees is here! The inactivated influenza vaccine (injectable) will be administered to Hopkins employees beginning September 21, 2020(Please see locations & schedules below).

The Johns Hopkins Institutions require health care providers to have annual influenza vaccination or possess an approved qualified exception.  Please review the  Mandatory Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Policy (HSE048) for more information.

The Influenza vaccine will be administered to Physicians, Faculty, Staff, Employees, Students and Volunteers by Occupational Health Services as listed below.

Johns Hopkins will be partnering with Walgreens during the 2020-21 flu season. Walgreens pharmacists will be giving our employees the flu vaccine, both on-site and at all Walgreens retail locations. Both of these options will begin on Monday, September 21, 2020.

Important Things To Know:

  • Onsite Vaccinations - Employees may receive their flu vaccine at the Arcade Pharmacy. You must make an appointment to receive your flu vaccine.
  • Walgreens Vaccinations - You must either print out a voucher (JHED ID & PW required) or display the voucher on your phone at the time of service to receive the vaccine at Walgreens.  Please note, use Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser to open voucher.  No appointments necessary, walk-ins available.  If vaccinated with a voucher, you do not need to submit proof of vaccination.  **If you used a voucher after Nov. 8, please submit your flu shot to OHS using the self-submit tool as there is a 1-2 week delay in reporting from Walgreens**.  If vaccinated at Walgreens without a voucher (i.e. using insurance), proof of immunization must be provided to Occupational Health Services to receive credit for the vaccination.
  • Walgreens Vaccinations - To help expedite your visit, please fill out the vaccination form prior to your appointment, have a valid Hopkins ID/badge and bring both with you.
  • Vaccinated Outside - If vaccinated outside (i.e. Primary Care, Johns Hopkins Primary Care Providers, CVS, Safeway, etc.), a proof of immunization must be provided to Occupational Health Services to receive credit for the vaccination. 
  • Vaccinated Outside - For the East Baltimore Campus, Flu Clips are available at the Employee Health and Wellness Clinic (EHWC) located in the Phipps Building, 3rd floor, Monday - Friday, 8am-3pm.  For all other campuses, please call or email your Occupational Health Services office for flu clip locations.  You must provide proof of receiving your vaccine or already used the self-submit online tool.  If you received your vaccine at Walgreens, please wait until you receive the email confirmation or bring your receipt from the store.

Have questions about the mandatory flu vaccination policy? Read these FAQs

Hopkins Onsite Vaccination Schedules & Locations

Schedule an onsite flu vaccination appointment

Walgreens Retail Locations

Click to open Walgreens voucher (JHED ID & PW required) - EXPIRED 3/1/2021
**NOTE: Not compatible with Internet Explorer.  Use Chrome, Safari or Firefox**

Vaccinations & Exceptions


Johns Hopkins Medicine

According to the new Mandatory Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Policy (HSE048) everyone must receive the influenza vaccine or possess an approved qualified exception as defined by the above policy. The vaccine is provided free to all physicians, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and personnel who work in a Johns Hopkins owned building. Vendors must show proof of having received the influenza vaccine before conducting business or working within a Johns Hopkins building.

As defined by the above policy, everyone who has not received the influenza vaccine must wear a mask within 6 feet of a patient during the flu season. The mask must be worn during the time period from November 20, 2020 to May 15, 2021. Vaccinated staff will receive silver ID badge clip.

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