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Biological Safety Cabinet Program

Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) must be certified on an annual basis at minimum. Certain environmental or laboratory conditions may necessitate more frequent certifications.

The Biosafety Office maintains a professional in-house certification and maintenance team staffed with four technicians, three of which are NSF-accredited for field-certification. Our BSC team operates as a service center for the Hopkins community and, thus, is able to provide rapid response service "at cost" resulting in significantly reduced investigator fees and equipment down-time.

Annual BSC certifications and any required maintenance may be scheduled by contacting the Biosafety Office at the address below. Further information regarding BSCs is available at this link.

The Biosafety Office serves as a resource for the purchase and/or maintenance of your BSC.  To ensure system adequacy, all BSC purchases must be vetted through this office. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

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