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Center for Resistant Hypertension

If your blood pressure is stubbornly high even though you take several blood pressure medications, you may have resistant hypertension. The Center for Resistant Hypertension helps by diagnosing the causes of high blood pressure and expertly adjusting medications to create an optimized treatment plan you can take back to your referring physician for regular management.

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What You Need to Know About Resistant Hypertension

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Watch the Seminar

Learn about resistant hypertension from Dr. Oscar Cingolani, M.D., director of the Center for Resistant Hypertension.

One-half of the 76 million Americans who suffer from hypertension don’t have their blood pressure under control. Perhaps that’s because they don’t actually “suffer”: high blood pressure rarely causes any symptoms until is too late, so it can be hard to take the numbers seriously. All the while, hypertension is silently damaging arteries, leading to more heart attacks, strokes and heart failure than any other single cause of cardiovascular disease.

It doesn’t matter whether you have true resistant hypertension and need the most advanced blood pressure treatments, or you have pseudo-resistant (seemingly-resistant) hypertension and need to identify the hidden factors that are artificially raising your blood pressure. The Center for Resistant Hypertension can help you discover the true cause and find the right treatment.

The Center for Resistant Hypertension collaborates with the Division of General Internal Medicine’s Hypertension Center, a program that successfully treats hypertension in a wide variety of cases.