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Predictors of ICD Firing in Right Ventricular Dysplasia

Many ARVD/C patients are given an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) to help manage their condition. We are currently studying the relationship between ICD firing and ARVD/C, trying to understand what activities might trigger an arrhythmia that causes an ICD to fire. In addition, we are interested in learning what it is like for patients with ARVD/C to live with an ICD.

Eligible Participants:

Anyone who has had an ICD (transvenous or subcutaneous) implanted for ARVD/C

Purpose of Study:

There are two main purposes to this study:

  • To help us learn more about what causes arrhythmias that need treatment with an ICD shock
  • To help us better understand how having ARVD, an ICD, and ICD shocks affect your life

Principal Investigator:

Hugh Calkins, MD

Study Process:

  1. When you enroll in this study, you will answer some background questions about diet and exercise.
  2. Each time your ICD is interrogated (about every 6 months), you will be asked to answer questions about your symptoms, medications and any recent heart-related testing.
  3. If your ICD delivers a shock, you will be asked to answer additional questions about your activities in the days before the shock.
  4. On a yearly basis, you will be asked questions about how having ARVD/C and an ICD affects your life. We will also ask about what activities you are able to do day to day and about your feelings.

Study Methods: Participation in this study is by invitation only and all questionnaires can be completed online. We can also send paper copies to you. Alternatively, we can complete them over the phone. We will work with you to request copies of your ICD interrogations from your local doctor.

Join the Study / Contact Information:

To join this study, email to complete the necessary consent form.

To request an appointment with the Johns Hopkins ARVD/C Program, please contact Crystal Tichnell, MGC at 410-502-7161 or