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Johns Hopkins Center for Inherited Heart Diseases

The Johns Hopkins Center for Inherited Heart Diseases strives to identify genetic diseases and slow their progression through preventative care and advanced treatment for patients.


Meet Our Team

Our team of physicians and genetic counselors focus on providing compassionate care for all age groups and their families.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins

Our center provides a family-centered approach with comprehensive treatments for our patients.

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Multidisciplinary Team

Receive testing and treatment in the same day thanks to a comprehensive team of genetic counselors, adult and pediatric cardiologists.

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Advanced Clinical Trials

Access cutting-edge clinical trials and research for a variety of inherited heart diseases.

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Personalized Treatment

Our cutting-edge research has led to the development of personalized medicine using stem cells, helping medications work best for you.


Physician Referrals

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Refer a patient for genetic counseling or cardiac care.

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