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Left ventricular mechanical dyssynchrony by cardiac magnetic resonance is greater in patients with strict vs. nonstrict electrocardiogram criteria for left bundle-branch block.
By: Andersson LG, Wu KC, Wieslander B, Loring Z, Frank TF, Maynard C, Gerstenblith G, Tomaselli GF, Weiss RG, Wagner GS, Ugander M, Strauss DG.
This study found there was no significant difference between patients with nonstrict left bundle-branch block and non-left bundle-branch block. The greater observed LV dyssynchrony may explain why patients with strict left bundle-branch block have a better response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.
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Modifiable factors associated with failure to attain low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal at 6 months after acute myocardial infarction.
By: Martin SS, Gosch K, Kulkarni KR, Spertus JA, Mathews R, Ho PM, Maddox TM, Newby LK, Alexander KP, Wang TY.
Findings from this study support targeted interventions in the transition of acute myocardial infarction care to promote affordable statin prescription at discharge, medication persistence and adherence, and cardiac rehabilitation participation.
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