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The HALTS trial — halting atherosclerosis or halted too early?

By: Blumenthal RS, Michos ED.
The premature termination of the ARBITER 6–HALTS trial, the small number of patients studied, and the limited duration of follow-up preclude us from conclusively declaring niacin the adjunctive agent of choice on the basis of the evidence. A decrease of 0.014 mm in the carotid intima–media thickness (IMT) over 14 months does not necessarily merit changes in our lipid-lowering guidelines at this time. However, for now, we would support the use of niacin as the preferred adjunctive agent to be used in combination with the maximal dose of a potent statin in persons who have low levels of HDL cholesterol and established cardiovascular disease. In summary, the ARBITER 6–HALTS results are provocative and are an important contribution to preventive cardiology research. However, the secondary choices for optimizing cholesterol-lowering therapy, constituting part of the “C” component of the “ABCDEs” of secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, should not overshadow the importance of the rest of the ABCDEs: assessment of risk, antiplatelet therapy, blood-pressure management, cholesterol modification and cigarette-smoking cessation, dietary and weight modification, and exercise habits.
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