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Sheikh Zayed Tower

Patient-Centered Facilities

The Sheikh Zayed Tower Zayed Tower, left, and Bloomberg Children's Center, right.

Johns Hopkins Medicine laid the foundation of modern cardiac surgery and continues to lead in heart and vascular care. As part of our commitment to innovation and patient- and family-centered care, we have been expanding and updating our facilities. Patients of the Heart and Vascular Institute are directly benefiting from these advancements.

In May 2012, the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute moved into its new location in the Sheikh Zayed Tower, which, along with The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center, represented a $1.1 billion investment in patient care. With 355 private rooms, state-of-the-art technology and a healing environment, the Zayed Tower represents some of the best practices in patient-centered design.

Redevelopment of the East Baltimore campus has continued with the reopening of the Nelson/Harvey building in October 2014. The focus on better serving our patients was extended through the 136 private rooms,* each of which offers comparable amenities to those in Zayed. Every floor has family respite areas, updated technology and clinical support systems.

“It’s exciting to have a physical plant to support the work we do.” —Dr. Jon Resar, director of Interventional Cardiology and director of the Adult Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

*Patients staying overnight at The Johns Hopkins Hospital stay in private or semiprivate rooms, depending on availability. Specific room type cannot be guaranteed.

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